Winter Activities

Cross-country Skiing: Abundant trails and the pristine solitude of winter await the novice and avid back-country skier. Once we have enough snow for skiing (typically by December), we will groom and track-set between 30 and 50 km of trail.

Snowshoeing: Discover why this ancient means of transportation has sports enthusiasts raving. We can start snowshoeing typically by mid-November.

Wildlife Tracking: After a fresh snowfall, track the prints left by an active timber wolf, cougar, marten, wolverine, elk, deer, or moose with your host and guide.

Photo opportunities abound as fall transitions into winter. Capture frost glistening on poplars as they shed their golden leaves. Or catch a glimpse of patchwork ice as it forms along a creek bank. See supple young branches of willows and poplar bending to the ground under their heavy burden of snow. Watch the southern sky catch fire as the winter sun turns the horizon brilliant orange.

Weather conditions vary in the late fall and early winter — anything from a light dusting of snow to a wet, heavy accumulation is possible. Days are cool (0 C to 10 C). Quiet early winter nights are brisk (-10 C to 0 C) with a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights and a glimmering panorama of stars. This is often what draws lots of people to the area. In Iceland, the Northern Lights are something that many will travel to see. The sky can look gorgeous and fascinating, making it perfect for any pictures that tourists may want to take. There are lots of different places that people will be able to see the Northern Lights from, however, those who are in cars or campervans may have more chances of seeing the lights. It’s pretty straightforward to hire a vehicle, you could just search for caravan rental iceland and you should be able to hire out a vehicle to give yourself a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights. During the heart of winter, temperatures can plummet to -40 C. Your host will make sure you have the appropriate gear to stay warm.

Gear Provided: We have both cross-country ski equipment (skis, boots, poles) and snowshoes available for guest use at no additional charge.

AVAILABLE DATES: Mid-November to mid-April (snow conditions dependent)

COST: $110 per person per night, based on double occupancy. Rate includes your private cabin, use of the ‘Escape’s skis and snowshoes and transportation to and from trailheads. Rates for additional adults and/or children 6 to 16 years of age are half-priced, inclusive.

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