The Adventure Package

Whitewater Rafting: 1 or 2 day excursion on the Kakwa, Smoky, or Sheep rivers.

Skyline Pack Trip: 3 to 5 day horseback trip into Willmore Wilderness or along the front ranges of the Rockies.

Wilderness Hike: 3 to 5 day trek into vast, undeveloped Willmore Wilderness.

The Adventure Package is a minimum of 7 days for a maximum of 6 guests with some nights of tent camping. Guests should be able to hike 15 km per day over moderate terrain (elevation change can be about 2500 ft) on the Wilderness Hike. Guests must be at least 12 years old for the Whitewater Rafting.

Bring your spirit of adventure, camera, personal items and warm dry clothing (extra set for the water trip). All other items necessary for your comfort and safety are provided, unless you’re bringing extra items to increase the comfort of your camping such as a rectangular sleeping bag, for example, something in which we won’t provide. Detailed itineraries and list of personal effects needed will be sent to you upon booking this package, which means you can pick up everything else from sites like to get prepared ahead of time.

AVAILABLE: June to September.

COST: Starting at $1475 per person, based on double occupancy.

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