The Willmore Wonderland!!

Now that we are into the month of August, we have noticed a number of changes with the wildlife and flora in the Willmore area. In the first week, we found two Little Brown Bats nesting under the shutters of the cookhouse. They were not happy when Laura welcomed them to daylight earlier than expected and they decided to climb up into the beams for the rest of the day. Upon darkness, while walking from the cookhouse to the loft, Becky has seen bats swooping down to eat the flies her torch (aka “flashlight” in Canadian English) attracts. Susan was lucky … Continue reading

Sunshine, rain and horses!

The past week has been turbulent, weather-wise. As we say in Alberta, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes! A mix of sunshine, rain and violent storms every day is not helpful when deciding on suitable hiking trails for our guests. On Tuesday we attempted an early walk around Rock Lake with a young family, but we were soon turned back by a lightning storm that progressed for the rest of the afternoon and evening. This was not a disappointment however; as they preferred to have a lazy day after the busy time they had spent touring around … Continue reading


Fair weather and willing guests will always find us climbing a mountain!  A mother/daughter pair from Saskatchewan and a fellow from Ontario joined us to hike the Berland Ridge, hoping for cooler temperatures amongst the trees as we made our way to the top. Leo was a hot as the hikers were, and took comfort in the shade. Wildflowers, butterflies and mushrooms were abundant along the trail.         A special treat – wild strawberries!  Until next time . . .happy trails! … Continue reading


A few days of fair weather mid-month found us slogging up the Alpine Meadow (aka Avalanche Chute) in search of wildflowers and spectacular views.  We were not disappointed! Nor, by the way, were the mosquitoes deprived of fresh blood . . .We gave up on having lunch on the ‘saddle’, electing to make the short scramble to the top and being rewarded with a nice breeze to keep the bugs at bay. THEN CAME THE RAIN . . . Gentle, steady rain for a day and a half.  Nothing that good rain gear and rubber boots can’t handle, right?  CAUGHT!  Four … Continue reading

A wild night!

Tuesday started as a glorious day – perfect for mowing the lawn – until a deafening crack of thunder and a bolt of lightning seemingly overhead changed these plans at midday. This sudden change in weather sparked the beginning of several thunder storms that rolled over the ridges and above the cabins at Rocky Mountain Escape. There was not a drop of rain until about 5 minutes before our guests arrived (talk about timing). During our evening meal the downpour was so loud we had to either shout or wait until the rain had subsided enough for us to hear each other. … Continue reading

In a word . . .it’s HOT

Several days now of +30 C temperatures up at the ‘Escape cabins.  Thank goodness we still cool down at night! Some of our Mountain Goddess guests took advantage of the heat wave to canoe a calm Rock Lake, while others meandered through the Elk meadows amongst the wildflowers and butterflies (and listened to the poplar trees). The mosquitoes have been vicious and the horse flies have joined the feeding frenzy.  Bring bug repellant. Smoke from the Zama wildfire continues to make our skies hazy.  Hopefully, the rain forecast for mid-week will help. … Continue reading


We’ve just received word from Alberta Parks that a temporary repair has been done on the Rock Lake Road, as follows: Flooding – Rock Lake Provincial Park June 28, 2012 The access road into Rock Lake Provincial Park is expected to re-open this afternoon. As of the evening of June 27, some of the water has been diverted and a grader & loads of gravel went into the site this morning to finish the temporary repair. Approximately 1.5-2 km of the dike system upstream has been washed out – if water levels rise again, it may result in another road … Continue reading

Spring Sunshine

It’s stopped raining at the Escape (hooray!) and yesterday we took the chance to enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather. The ground has dried out a bit and for the first time this year we took a hike up to the Alpine Meadow. We saw a few traces of wildlife on the way up there, although nothing of the black bear we spotted last week, who we assume has moved on to bigger and better things. As we entered the meadow we were surrounded by spring activity galore; lush green grass carpeted the slope, butterflies were fluttering by the … Continue reading

The Impassible Road

Despite the summer solstice coming up in the last two days, our weather pattern seems to be firmly stuck in ‘Spring time in the Rockies.’ We have been, and continue to be, wet and cool! A few hardy souls attempted to venture to Rock Lake over the weekend, only to find the road impassable and the popular camping and staging areas closed. It is a pity that Alberta Parks neglected to post the closure at the highway 40 turn-off or to post on their website until June 14th, which was about a week after the park road was closed! Alberta … Continue reading

Rock Lake Road Closed

We promised you some more spring pictures and, even though it’s been raining, we wanted to share some of the current sights around the Escape with you. Last weekend, a curious group of us took a walk down Munn Creek to see the effect that the rain and snow melt has been having on the water levels. Needless to say the creek was high and moving fast and where we were once able to walk along the creek bed, we couldn’t even see the bottom. In just a week the current had started eroding some of the banks and in … Continue reading