Spring Sunshine

It’s stopped raining at the Escape (hooray!) and yesterday we took the chance to enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather. The ground has dried out a bit and for the first time this year we took a hike up to the Alpine Meadow. We saw a few traces of wildlife on the way up there, although nothing of the black bear we spotted last week, who we assume has moved on to bigger and better things. As we entered the meadow we were surrounded by spring activity galore; lush green grass carpeted the slope, butterflies were fluttering by the … Continue reading

In-between Seasons

We’ve received more snow in the high country over the past week, although warm temperatures have melted the snow on the open areas and lower elevations trails.  There is 8-10 inches of snow in the bush.  We saw fresh Grizzly track on the Alpine Meadow trail, and fresh wolf track on the Munn Creek loop back to the cabins. … Continue reading