Cross-country Skiing at Rock Lake

With guests due in for the weekend, and gorgeous powder snow to work with, I was able to get about 30 km of ski trail groomed and track-set.  Scott and Lauren from Grande Prairie (via the US) and Brian and Tasha from Calgary joined in on a beautiful ski down at Rock Lake . . .AND helped Laura get the pickup out of the ditch. . .     Unfortunately, and all my back-breaking work aside . . .little of the ski track remains intact after two quads were on the trails.  With more snow forecast for the next few … Continue reading

Soft ‘Shoeing, Hard Skiing – LIFE IS GOOD!

We have enough snow to snowshoe, although I didn’t get any trails track-set for cross-country skiing before guests arrived last Saturday for the Remembrance Day long weekend. Chris had come in Friday night to give me a hand getting the ski-doo out and running for the season. Best laid plans . . . Mark and Becci, who have got one of their own missouri cabins back home, opted for a short Saturday afternoon jaunt on snowshoes up the little valley towards the base of the mountain. That trail had been ‘shoed before, so the going was relatively mild. Jon and … Continue reading

Trails Set for Cross-country Skiing

We have wonderful snow conditions at Rocky Mountain Escape and the Willmore Wilderness area of Alberta.  Today, I set track for x-country skiing from the ‘Escape cabins down to Rock Lake, around the Green Mountain loop, over to the Equestrian Overflow meadow into Doug Phillips’ trapper’s cabin and back up the Munn Creek Trail to the cabins.  There is approximately 20 km of trail track-set, and I’m hoping to get the upper part of the Munn Creek Trail set within the next couple of days. Our weather is gorgeous (a balmy -5 C today) and the forecasters indicate more snow … Continue reading