Oh man – do we have SNOW!!

The end of October brought a dump of snow!  Always appreciated and I do love snow . . .but, oh my achin’ back. I’ve been shoveling and blowing snow for the past two days, along with trying to get a snow-track in for our 3-km trail.  The snow blower works just fine . . .until we get above -5C.  Then the blower just pushes snow, and it’s faster to shovel. The Snow Buntings and Pine Grosbeaks are back and delightful to watch (no, these aren’t my photos – courtesy Google Image Search). It’s a town day tomorrow, with guests coming … Continue reading

We Have Snow

More snow at the ‘Escape cabins over the last week.  With any luck, I’ll be out on the sled tomorrow starting to groom trails for cross-country skiing.  Temperatures continue to stay mild (0 to -10 C range). … Continue reading

Fresh Snow

We’ve received about 3 inches (10 cm) of fresh snow yesterday at the cabins.  Not yet enough to fire up the ski-doo and get out on the trails to groom and track-set for cross-country skiing, but we’re getting close. The wolves were back in the Munn Creek valley the day before the snow hit.  I don’t know if the snow makes it easier for the wolves to track their prey, or if the wolves know that most animals will be out in the open right before a storm.  Comments from any wolf experts would be welcome! … Continue reading