The Willmore Wonderland!!

Now that we are into the month of August, we have noticed a number of changes with the wildlife and flora in the Willmore area. In the first week, we found two Little Brown Bats nesting under the shutters of the cookhouse. They were not happy when Laura welcomed them to daylight earlier than expected and they decided to climb up into the beams for the rest of the day. Upon darkness, while walking from the cookhouse to the loft, Becky has seen bats swooping down to eat the flies her torch (aka “flashlight” in Canadian English) attracts. Susan was lucky … Continue reading

Two’s Company

Laura’s friend David  has been helping out at the Escape for the last few weeks and he’s been working like, well, a workhorse, trimming back some of the trails around the cabins. Yesterday he headed out with just a chainsaw, his backpack and a bottle of deet for company to try and make a dent in the shrubbery taking up residence across one of our favourite trails. Not long after, he returned a little breathless and slightly wild eyed. When we asked him why he was back so soon, he simply said: ‘It turns out I forgot something. An important … Continue reading