First snowshoe of the season

With guests arriving on Friday for a weekend get-away, I made the trip into civilization on Thursday to pick up fresh supplies.  Lots of wildlife were out and about that day, including several grouse, a group of Mule Deer, a few White-tailed Deer and two Golden Eagles slumming with the ravens on a road kill. The temperature was exceptionally mild for the weekend, and Cheryl and Paul were keen to try a short snowshoe trek.  So, down to Rock Lake where the ‘shoeing would be relatively easy, and on to the flat terrain around the Equestrian Overflow, Jackson Creek and … Continue reading

Oh man – do we have SNOW!!

The end of October brought a dump of snow!  Always appreciated and I do love snow . . .but, oh my achin’ back. I’ve been shoveling and blowing snow for the past two days, along with trying to get a snow-track in for our 3-km trail.  The snow blower works just fine . . .until we get above -5C.  Then the blower just pushes snow, and it’s faster to shovel. The Snow Buntings and Pine Grosbeaks are back and delightful to watch (no, these aren’t my photos – courtesy Google Image Search). It’s a town day tomorrow, with guests coming … Continue reading

Sticking Snow

No, not the kind that gloms onto your gloves and toque, making you wish your eyeglasses were equipped with windshield wipers . . . First “sticking” snow means snow that will stick around until spring. I have been laid low with a nasty flu bug, courtesy of the Thanksgiving Weekend, the past two weeks.  Anyone know what the saying ‘Under The Weather’ means?  Everyone knows what it feels like to be so sick even your eyelashes hurt, but . . .where did that saying come from?  I’ve been “under-the-covers” [shaking with chills and fever], “under-nourished” [who the heck feels like … Continue reading

Scenic Winter Route To The Viewpoint

Following a successful Winter Wood Weekend (thanks to the wood crew!), Laura and Becky began preparing for Thanksgiving. Only snow flurries were forecast for mid-week, so we did not expect to wake up and find half a foot of snow outside on Wednesday morning – Rocky Mountain Escape had transformed into a Winter Wonderland once again! Although it has been sunny during the day, the nights are cool and there are still traces of snow in shaded areas. The puddles on the trail are also very icy so we decided it was best to pick up our non-4×4 driving guests … Continue reading

Winter Wonderland…!

‘Down time’ was a week of typical Indian Summer: glorious sunshine during the day followed by freezing overnight temperatures, signalling the end of summer 2012. In the wake of these cold nights, the deciduous trees around Rocky Mountain Escape are becoming a beautiful golden color, announcing the arrival of autumn. The official date of fall is another week or so away, but we know what Mother Nature thinks of our rigid timetable and she does what she pleases with the weather. Our guests Emily and Ralph arrived yesterday in good spirits having avoided downpours of rain at Lake Louise, and … Continue reading


The latest storm to hit the Rocky Mountains has brought about 2 feet of gorgeous powder snow to our area of the wilderness.  While the outside temperatures are a bit cool (down to -20 C or so), the cabins are wonderfully warm and cozy.  With the cooler temperatures, I will be able to get the snow machine and track-setter across the creek (previously still with open water) to start grooming trails for cross-country skiing.   Look for new posts next week for an update on my trail grooming progress. … Continue reading

Trails Set for Cross-country Skiing

We have wonderful snow conditions at Rocky Mountain Escape and the Willmore Wilderness area of Alberta.  Today, I set track for x-country skiing from the ‘Escape cabins down to Rock Lake, around the Green Mountain loop, over to the Equestrian Overflow meadow into Doug Phillips’ trapper’s cabin and back up the Munn Creek Trail to the cabins.  There is approximately 20 km of trail track-set, and I’m hoping to get the upper part of the Munn Creek Trail set within the next couple of days. Our weather is gorgeous (a balmy -5 C today) and the forecasters indicate more snow … Continue reading

We Have Snow

More snow at the ‘Escape cabins over the last week.  With any luck, I’ll be out on the sled tomorrow starting to groom trails for cross-country skiing.  Temperatures continue to stay mild (0 to -10 C range). … Continue reading

Fresh Snow

We’ve received about 3 inches (10 cm) of fresh snow yesterday at the cabins.  Not yet enough to fire up the ski-doo and get out on the trails to groom and track-set for cross-country skiing, but we’re getting close. The wolves were back in the Munn Creek valley the day before the snow hit.  I don’t know if the snow makes it easier for the wolves to track their prey, or if the wolves know that most animals will be out in the open right before a storm.  Comments from any wolf experts would be welcome! … Continue reading

First Snow!

It’s snowing in the mountains this morning!  Mild temperatures, no wind and gorgeous snow.  The forecast is for 10-15 cm of fresh snow over the weekend. … Continue reading