ODE (or owed) TO ELLIE

In early May, a young (er, maybe not THAT young) woman came to the ‘Escape from afar to lend a helping hand . . . to take a career break and rediscover life’s priorities . . . to experience the wilds of nature in the Alberta Rockies. What Ellie found (and perhaps did not expect) was simple wilderness realities like – no power or Wi-Fi connection in the loft she was to call ‘home’ for the next two months – “Springtime in the Rockies” means snow and rain for a month, occasionally interspersed with dry, warm days just to keep … Continue reading


We’ve just received word from Alberta Parks that a temporary repair has been done on the Rock Lake Road, as follows: Flooding – Rock Lake Provincial Park June 28, 2012 The access road into Rock Lake Provincial Park is expected to re-open this afternoon. As of the evening of June 27, some of the water has been diverted and a grader & loads of gravel went into the site this morning to finish the temporary repair. Approximately 1.5-2 km of the dike system upstream has been washed out – if water levels rise again, it may result in another road … Continue reading