Welcome, Timber!Timber is an Anatolian/Akbash fellow who I picked up on Sunday from a very nice woman out of Drayton Valley.  Timber is 2 years old, and has not yet reached his full size.

After a very long car ride, and chasing the herd of elk off the clearing, Timber settled in for a good night’s sleep.

The following morning, Timber and I set off to walk the perimeter of the property.  So many new smells to investigate!MVI_0769

You’ll have to click on the link in the blog to watch the short video of us down by the creek.

I am happy that Timber joined me up here, and look forward to many years of adventures!


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    • Hey Marijke! Thanks so much for your comment. How are you and Anthony?? Seems like it’s been an awfully long time since we chatted!

    • Hi Teresa. Nice to know I still have the correct email address for you! I’m the same, just older (like everybody else). Facebook is giving me problems, so I don’t think I’ll be connecting there very regularly until things get sorted out. How are you? How is Alvin?

  1. It sure has! I had been wondering if you were still there. I live up north in Fort chip now but have been down in Edmonton area for almost 3 months helping my daughter get back-and-forth for chemo and radiation for breast cancer. Also helping her out with my very first grandchild a little boy now 19 months old. Anthony has been living on Vancouver Island for about three years now, he’s getting very involved in horticulture. Are you still open for guests or have you shut down for the Covid season? Your website has really changed!

  2. Hi Laura, I thought I sent you a reply and when I refresh the page there’s not one on there so I am sending another one here. You might get two replies I suppose. I’m living up north in Ft. Chip where I’ve been for the last seven years now. I’ve been in the Edmonton area for almost 3 months though because my daughter has breast cancer and I’m helping her with transportation for treatments and also helping to look after my very first grandchild who is a wonderful little boy 19 months old now. Anthony is living on Vancouver Island where he has been for about the last three years. He’s doing very well taking a program in horticulture and very interested in that whole field. I’ve been wondering for quite a while if you’re still there because I had seen posts about a lot of travel looking for another place. I suppose you’ve worked things out regarding the lease. I’m wondering if you still have guests over if you are shut down for Covid. Your website is really changed it’s hard to tell. Take care!

    • No worries, Marijke, got both! So sorry to hear about your daughter. Glad to hear that Anthony is enjoying his program in horticulture. I’m still here, still open despite the government . . . We’ll just have to see how it goes.

  3. What a handsome boy Timber is! I’m so glad for the both of you! I know that he’ll love his job in your little slice of heaven – I sure did 😀

  4. Hello Laura,
    It’s nice to hear from you. We are happy to see this beautiful young dog. Like in other countries we are here still currently blocked (lock-down) at home and are impatient to be allowed to walk and travel again. We can’t wait to be able to come back as soon as this would be possible and to hike with you and your new companion. The girls, Nadine and myself send you all the best.
    Give us some other news

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