Spring Hike – Alpine Meadow

While waiting for paint to dry, what better way to spend a gorgeous Spring day than climbing a mountain?  My hard-working helper, Caroline (from Germany), and I both needed a break so on with the packs and hiking boots!

Oops . . . still a little deep

No brave wildflowers out on the trip up, but the birds were singing and there was a lone Big Horn Sheep ewe grazing on the adjacent slope.

Lunch at the top was rewarding as always and Caroline discovered the joy of bum sliding on the way back down.

The view never gets old

Caroline has now gone on to her next adventure, the painting is done and we’re wet.  Snow on Saturday, preceded by heavy rains and thunder, and more rain today.  Jackson Creek has come across the Rock Lake Road again at the horse-holding area, so access to Rock Lake will have to wait until Parks pushes more gravel.

Until next time, Happy Trails!

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