The Gray Jay

The Canadian Geographic Society has recommended that the Gray Jay be adopted as Canada’s National Bird (  Can’t think of a better symbol of being Canadian!

Photo by Mark Taylor

Photo by Mark Taylor

These beautiful birds are clever, resourceful and hardy (and they love blueberry pancakes!).


Where are my raisins?

The Gray Jay families in our valley are frequent visitors to the ‘Escape, undaunted by winter, and bringing smiles to all who take the time to appreciate a less-hectic pace.

Patiently waiting

Patiently waiting

The Gray Jay is a gentle bird, quietly “chucking” at you if you’ve been “too busy” to pay attention to them!  No squawking or screeching, as is common in the more raucous Blue Jay, and their most irritated call is a “rrrrivit, rrrrivit” when the cat tries to stalk them (good luck with that, Jynx).

The Gray Jay certainly receives our vote for the National Bird of Canada!


The Gray Jay — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Laura!
    Say thanks to Mark for the great picture of the Gray Jay landing on your hand! Wow! Yes, I too was grateful about the Jay being named as our National Bird. I was wondering if you had any snow and I see by one of the pictures above, that you have lots of snow. I just got to Toronto yesterday after making a tour through Winnipeg, Calgary, Grande Prairie, and Edmonton. The only snow I found was a little bit in GP 🙁

    I think with the temperatures you have had recently, the wood should last you for a long time!?

    • Good to hear from you, David! We had good snow, then melted, but received about half a foot with the most recent storm. Forecast to go into the deep freeze for about a week, so am hoping this snow will stick! I am also hoping that you’re not working too hard, and can take some time to come up for some cross-country skiing this winter!

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