It is unlawful to feed…our friends?


Hello, friends,

Our Inspector returned this morning to post her own “Closure” notice on the door to our cookhouse.  Laura’s repeated requests during the Inspector’s last visit, and this one today, asking the Inspector to please clarify who was encompassed in the terms “registered guests” and “public attendees” as set out in the Closure Order (which is attached in our last blog post) were succinctly ignored by said Inspector.  Ms. Thind refused to provide any clear definition, verbally or in writing, as to if this pertained to “paying clients” only, or in fact extended to “friends”, “visitors”, “family”, or everyone except Laura & Chris.

While we recognize that Laura has a basic “right to life” as outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 7, and thus can use her own kitchen to provide sustenance to her person, we are extremely shaken and disturbed by the threat of “…penalty and/or imprisonment…” as outlined in the above Closure.  We have received a generous outpouring of support, from you; our friends and family, but now are faced with the uncertainty of whether or not we can even invite you in for a cup of coffee and a bit of conversation.  We cannot comprehend that a show of emotional support by a visit from friends and family during this time of struggle may now, in fact, be unlawful.  We believe we may be protected if visits from friends and family are within the parameters of a “restricted function”, and continue to be by invite only, as outlined in the Public Health Act.  However, if we continue to be subjected to the same mindset of “guilty until proven innocent” as our current state of affairs, this may not be a safe assumption.

Laura has taken ill and will be unavailable for the next few days during her recovery.  I will attempt to respond to any questions or concerns you may have in the interim.

This matter currently remains in the hands of our legal counsel as we await further direction and decision.  Thank you all for your continued thoughts.  We appreciate all the feedback we receive on Social Media and your comments bring many a smile to Laura’s face.  I will continue to keep you all updated.



It is unlawful to feed…our friends? — 10 Comments

  1. Chris, please extend get better fast wishes to Laura. I am saddened, but this turn of events and hope that it can be resolved in your favor! Pat Rollins

    • Hey, Pat! I, too, am saddened by Alberta Health Services decision to target a small operation such as ours. We have retained legal counsel and apparently will be filing an appeal before the end of the week. The “process” will likely be horribly time-consuming . . . as if I didn’t have other things to do!

  2. Chris. As I mentioned to Laura I know a legal loophole to assist you if this matter deals with training and food handling permits. If you have someone certified in food handling as part of your staff lets say a consultant to RME and that person can be called upon to provide guidance as may be needed whether they are at RME or not, doing this would make you in compliance to the food handler requirement. I did it with a company I worked with and it met the criteria needed for a license.

    Fight this with everything you can. I would gladly donate to a Go Fund Me campain if you need financial assistance. I am sure there are many others as well.

    Best of luck. Lets not let the idiots rule our world.

    Dwayne Tofsrud

  3. First, I wish Laura a quick recovery to good health, may she feel better very soon.
    Secondly, it saddens as well as angers me to see that you are having legal struggles over being able to feed your guests. The highlights of my visit last year include the hours spent conversing with fellow guests and Laura and her volunteers while enjoying Laura’s amazing home cooking. I wish you well as you fight this legal battle and will be sending positive thoughts your way. I hope to come visit again sometime.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Kris. I’m up, fairly functional, and gearing up for our annual Wood Weekend. I’m (almost) sure that I’ll look back on this mess and have a good laugh . . . just not today.

  4. Chris
    This state of all our goverment now days is horrible. How can they not answering basic questions. Please tell your mom to get better and not over do it. Please keep us updated.

    • Thanks, Michelle, and I agree that governments in general are not making wise use of taxpayer dollars. Sometimes, an individual just has to stand on principle. So . . . I’m standing up (albeit on shaky legs this morning) and saying NO.

    • My goodness, Kate, it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you! I’m still kicking, and likely as mean as ever. What is happening with you these days???

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