A way of life – Not permitted

Hello friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that effective September 15th, 2016, our private kitchen has now been closed to registered guests and public attendees by an Executive Officer’s Order from the Alberta Health Services. As you may know, we have never operated a commercial kitchen out here, nor intended to open, or operate, a commercial restaurant of any kind. However, Alberta Health Services has deemed we fall into the category of a food establishment and must meet applicable code in accordance with the Public Health Act and the regulations, and obtain a subsequent food handling permit. As of this writing, we have retained legal counsel and hope to share news and updates as we are able.

The Executive Officer who issued the Closure Order is Ravinder Thind and she may be contacted at ravinder.thind@albertahealthservices.ca or the Alberta Health Services Hinton Office at 780-865-2277.

We have included the Closure Order for your information below.

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A way of life – Not permitted — 2 Comments

    • Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? I suppose for those not familiar with an off-grid, relatively remote operation such as the ‘Escape or for those not comfortable in a natural, wilderness environment that “getting a permit” would be such an easy fix. Unfortunately, for those few of us who live in a natural environment and who thrive without the trappings of modern civilization, bringing city regulations into our location is not only exponentially more expensive and impractical but also defeats the purpose and principles of why we’re here.

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