Helping Out at Rocky Mountain Escape


My name is Timo and I am from Düsseldorf, Germany.  I have stayed at Rocky Mountain Escape as a helper for a little bit more than 2 months. It has been an extraordinary special time.


Getting here was an adventure itself:  You first had to drive around 40 km up north on Highway 40 from Hinton, then get on the Rock Lake Road – in the winter time, very little traffic and infrequently plowed – and drive this one for another 27 km and afterwards find your way to Rocky Mountain Escape up a narrow trail for another couple of kilometers until you arrive at a beautiful clearing:


Afterwards Laura introduced me to my cabin (Cabin 1, where I would stay the first couple of weeks) and showed me around (cookhouse, all other stuff) and I was amazed how all those cabins and infrastructure got set up here.

My tasks mostly consisted of restocking the wood at the cabins and the cookhouse, taking care of other minor chores, making the fruit plate in the morning and basically helping Laura with everything she needed help with.

Furthermore, it was a very nice experience guiding guests through the Munn Creek valley and the Rock Lake area in my last couple of weeks (In the first weeks it was me who had to be guided by Laura).

Of course feeding the resident grey jays every morning (and during the day) was one of my duties too:


After one month I moved to the loft which is equipped with a propane heater. That made it a bit easier to keep the place warm, because I didn’t have to keep a woodstove going, every day.

All in all my life was way more comfortable than I expected and I probably have never slept better before.

During my time I met people from nearly all parts of Canada with amazing stories to tell. It was incredibly informative for me as a foreigner to get to know the Canadian people and get a deep insight into Canadian culture and way of living.

Last but not least: nature.

Staying at Rocky Mountain Escape is probably the best way to experience the Rocky Mountains, wildlife and the overwhelming scenery at Rock Lake.

Laura taught me a lot about resident animal and plant species and the geological development of the Rocky Mountains and of course not to forget: sustainable Forest Management.

While Chris was here during a weekend in late February, we harvested the wood supply for the summer months (or at least most of it).


I learned a lot from him about how to properly run machines, keep a place like this running and of course how to correctly and sustainably harvest firewood. This has been a unique lesson to me.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to spot a lot of wildlife except some elk, grouse, squirrel and several kinds of birds, but we were able see a lot of tracks and hear the wolves howling during some nights.

What else to say:

  1. The food is just awesome and tastes magnificent
  2. Molly and Leo (Laura’s dogs) are lovely and loyal companions out here.
  3. If you decide to stay here as a helper or guest, don’t forget to bring a couple of books.

To sum it up, it was an amazing experience living this kind of lifestyle and a unique time I will probably miss when I get home. I hope to be back sooner or later and maybe stay here as a guest.

Thanks to Laura and Chris for making this happen.

I am looking forward to seeing you again,








Helping Out at Rocky Mountain Escape — 2 Comments

  1. Hello friends of Rocky Mountain Escape,
    Glad to get to know Timo, and about his experience this spring. I could not make
    it up, to personally be there this spring.

    I just drove through the “mountains” of New Hampshire and Vermont, on my way up into Québec arriving here in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré in July. It made me yearn all the more for the great experience of real mountains at Rocky Mountain Escape. I hope your summer is going well and the wood that Timo and Chris provided has kept the cookhouse going through these busy times!

    Hope to see you sooner than later!
    David Purcell

    • Nice to hear from you David! Missed seeing you up here this spring, but hope you get some ‘down’ time to head our way!
      xx, Laura

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