Old Men Rock – II

Hello friends of Rocky Mountain Escape,
We wish for you, especially for our American friends, a happy 4th of July.  We have a special treat for this day.

Usually our resident bald eagles will sit in the tree tops overlooking the lake as they await their favourite fish to pass by, for lunch or dinner.  However, sensing the special social nature of these days, and with the pride of Independence Day beating in their breasts, they gave us a special greeting. 🙂  You can see here, Kris out canoeing and one of the eagles who came to sit near us along the shore of Rock Lake.

2016  07  02 kris and eagle at rock lake-2Also, to continue our theme from the 01st of July, about how Old Men Rock, here is a picture of Ray and his trusty mountain bike.  Ray, was going to bike as far as he could along the trail, past the Eagles Nest Cabin, and then hike the rest of the way into Azur Lake, a four day journey through the wilderness.

2015  07  01 - ray to azur lake As you may know, Ray is an brilliant photographer, and his pictures of this part of the world can be found at http://raysweb.net/willmore/

Ray said to me as he headed out on the trail,  “I know I won’t be able, to do this much longer. But I will keep on hiking the Wilmore Wilderness for as long as I am able.”
(contributed by David Purcell)

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