Old Men Rock

Dear friends of Rocky Mountain Escape,

Happy Canada Day!
Here you can see one of the campers at Rock Lake camp ground showing off patriotism for this special day.
2015  06  29  canada day at rock lake

In the week leading up to Canada Day we have been impressed by the mettle of a “few rockin’ good men.” First, a friend of Laura’s named Craig, came for a visit from San Diego, California. (Craig is on the left in this next picture)… by plane, train, or automobile? No, Craig motored all the way up through the United States; through the Rocky Mountains, and arrived at the Escape on a BMW motorcycle!
2015  06  21  craig & john at rock lake lookout-cropLaura also received a volunteer at the Escape from the United Kingdom. It is usual to see people here from that part of our world. However, very unusual, John (on the right in this picture above) flew his motorcycle to New York City (with the help of a service like https://carsrelo.com/what-we-ship/motorcycle/ offers); hopped on his bike and rode through the United States up through Montana, through the beautiful Waterton Glacier Park and all the way to the Escape.

Doing this tour on a motorbike is an amazing experience for enthusiasts. If you are looking for a new motorbike to do the same and experience the highs and lows, and you need to sell your current one, you can go to cleanharleys.com for more information on how to go about this. John is on an epic tour which will take him next to Alaska, then back down the west coast of Canada and the United States, and down through to the southern-most tip of Chile. He also has ambitions of visiting Las Vegas! Featured in this next picture is John’s trusty steed, a Triumph Tiger, aptly named an adventure bike. Covering a bike like this with an insurer like One Sure Insurance is crucial if you want to have complete peace of mind when driving it. Besides, as exhilarating as riding a motorcycle can be, a bike is not without its dangers.

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2015  06  29  rod-john-palo alto john with bike-crop

That being said, to the right of U.K.-John – nearest the rear of the motorbike, is another John from a city near Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto-John rode his trusty steed, a Honda VFR, from California up through British Columbia and into Alberta, stopping along the way to spend time with friends and family. He made it to Edmonton where he met up with a long-time friend Rod. (Rod is on the far left in this picture) The two of them decided to come out to the Escape and spent some relaxing time, fishing and canoeing at Rock Lake.

It is always delightful to meet adventuresome people, and to share wonderful stories, at Rocky Mountain Escape. As you can see in the pictures, these men are terrific examples, that you are never too old to enjoy yourself!


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  1. Thank you so much my friend. It was a great visit and I hope to get to come back some day.
    Have a great summer!

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