A city girl in the Rockies

imageHello, I am Laura, the other volunteer. Yes, three persons, two Lauras, coincidence.

Well, let me introduce myself. I am a 24 years old environmental sciences-student from Spain. I live in the capital city, Madrid, a big city where the only nature we have are the small trees along the street, no big parks, not even parks, just small gardens. How you can imagine, the only animals are domestic dogs, sometimes if you are lucky a street cat. Even with this I love my city – it is so beautiful and dynamic but sometimes is too much, too much people, too much grey, is when I need to escape.

Since I remember I feel attraction to the nature, but living in a big city like Madrid, it is not as easy to go to the mountains for a long period. For this reason, I have been visiting other countries for the past three summers which can offer me what I was looking for – wild nature. I have been in El Salvador, Austria and Norway. Always in small villages with forest around, but it was not easy to find wild animals. For this year I wanted something different, something extreme. I wanted to live the real nature, and what is huger than the wild Canada? When I found Laura’s volunteering offer I couldn’t believe it – was what I was looking for!

I arrived at Rocky Mountain Escape a little over one week ago, and I was a little bit scared about what I will find, as Laura told me that the conditions could be hard.  However, I fully agree with my partner Tobias – she was exaggerating. This is awesome, our loft is much more comfortable than I expected, and I think I never sleep deeper than here.  And the meals…WOW!  They are great! Very tasty and original. Tobias already told all these things, so I am going to give you another point of view – the point of view from a city girl!

Laura and Tobias picked me up in Hinton, approximately one hour by car till the Rocky Mountain Escape cabins.  On the way we had the opportunity to see more wild life than all my other places together. We saw a female fox with her three puppies, they were so cute! A white-tail deer and a mum moose with her little calf, no more two days old, he was all legs, so funny! Now please, imagine what my impression was when after only thirty minutes in the Rockies I have seen all these animals! After that I did not see more big animals (where are you little bear?), but every day I see squirrels playing in my garden, a rabbit running between the trees and new tracks and scats in our road…This is incredible, actually I am living in their environment, in their house, they share with me their wild and amazing environment without asking for something in return. It is beautiful and pure. I am so happy here, every morning I am smiling when going to breakfast, seeing squirrels between dandelions and snowy mountains in the background.

I don’t know how is going to be the rest of my experience, but I have a great feeling. I hope to enjoy more the wilderness, learn more about this ecosystem and get more experience.

Until next time . . . Happy Trails!


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