Identify this skull?

Amy and Nick, my trusty volunteers, found part of a skull up on the Berland.  Closest I could come to identifying it would be a wolverine or lynx.  Can anyone give me some insight?




Side View

Side View


Side View










Views from the top of the Berland Ridge, gorgeous as always . . .

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Identify this skull? — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Laura,

    Sorry not thinking it’s a carnivore mouth. It looks very similar to a rabbit’s dentition. Two insisors at the front, a space then molars at the back. Classic rabbit rodent mandible. I would think large rodent too…..what ate the ones that squeal? I can’t remember what they’re called. You’ve also got a book of skulls somewhere!

    Happy trails!

    • Thanks, Susan. Looked and looked in my books for something similar. Thinking it’s a lower jaw and the one big tooth looks (to me) like a fang (pointy and made for grabbing, ripping and tearing?) and not a foragers’ tooth (wouldn’t a foragers’ tooth be more rounded or flat on the top?). Would be nice if I had the full skull, but no such luck. Was hoping the photo of the other teeth would help pinpoint the animal, but I don’t have a book on teeth

      How are things going for you, Susan? Hope you are well, and look forward to seeing you again (sooner rather than later!).

      • Hi Laura, its ex-volunteer Mark here. Nick mentioned to me that you had a facebook site and that brought me to this intriguing skull. Like Susan, I initially thought rodent or some kind of herbivore because of what look like molars at the back, and what reminds me of peg teeth (the kind that continuously grow throughout a rodent/rabbits life) at the front. But now I am leaning towards lynx as you suggested. I think what look like molars are actually carnassials (meat tearing) that have worn down so they are no longer pointy, and the peg tooth, is actually a degraded lower fang (if this is definitely just one tooth? it has an odd grove down the middle if so). Check out this lynx skull image and see what you think:

        Interesting stuff! Hope you are well, and I hope to visit again in the not too distant future!

        All the best,


        • So nice to hear from you, Mark! I hope you are doing well, and if your travels bring you back to our neck of the woods, would love to have you!

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