A Friend To My Rescue

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.  Somebody famous said/wrote that phrase . . . but I can’t remember who.  I consider myself extremely fortunate, even blessed (maybe God took pity on me) to have friends who are able to rearrange their lives on short notice and answer my desperation call for help.



David came in a week after my volunteers unexpectedly had to leave.  He was not forewarned about what he was walking into . . . and probably had visions of a nice, relaxing HOLIDAY.  True to form and in typical “David Fashion”, he merely smiled and said “Sure, no problem, happy to help out!”.  I’m sure David was heaven-sent.

I did have a pleasant surprise for David and his folks, Pat and Josephine, when they rolled in.  Our newly resident (I’m hoping) Grizzly decided to spend an afternoon peacefully grazing on clover, some long grasses and dandelions – right on the upper bench by the trail down to the creek!

Our new resident

Our new resident

I had spent the day running (literally) between baking/cooking in the cookhouse and trying to get the grass mowed between rain showers.  Moving the Ford Escape to its parking spot, I noticed two brown, round “things” poking up from the tall grass.  HOW ODD . . . Sure enough, those brown things turned out to be ears, accompanied by a very large Grizzly head.

Yes, I'm a Grizzly.  Put your eyes back in your head, Laura

Yes, I’m a Grizzly. Put your eyes back in your head, Laura

He looked at me (safely ensconced in my little Ford Escape that I’m pretty sure he could open like a tin can).  I looked at him – WOW, GORGEOUS!  He went back to eating and I just went backwards.  When David, Pat and Josephine arrived a couple of hours later, the bear was still there and we were able to quietly watch him from the back of the pickup.  Although the bear knew we were watching, he showed no signs of aggression and was even comfortable enough to lie down in the grass and have a snooze.

Looking for the best place to nap

Looking for the best place to nap

This bear has been foraging up and down Munn Creek and marking territory, but I’ve seen no evidence that he’s traveled up the little valley behind the cabins to the Hoff Ridge.  He appears to have found lots to eat in the area at the lower elevations, and I’m hoping that he’ll discover abundant food up in the alpine as well.

Rock Lake Road Update:  With drying conditions, the access to Rock Lake is passable.  Alberta Parks still advises against taking a small car into Rock Lake – just in case we get heavy rains again, I suspect.  I’ve received no information on Park’s plans to address the issue.

Until next time . . . Happy Trails!


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