Rain . . . and more RAIN

It’s springtime in the Rockies! And that means wet. The typically patchy weather of June has arrived, bringing with it rain, sleet, hail, snow, and the occasional glimpse of sunshine. All of this moisture does have its upsides though: the grass is green, the leaves are out, and the first wildflowers are beginning to emerge. One of our absolute favourites is the Fairy Slipper (Calypso Orchid), a tiny purple beauty.IMG_8603

Despite the weather, our guests have made the most of the mountains. Karen and Judy, local artists from Edmonton, spent their days painting, writing, reading, and generally having a lovely relaxing weekend. Ben and Beth were able to stretch their legs and took two couples on the scenic route to the viewpoint. Luckily, they didn’t get too wet and were able to take in the marvellous view, though with more than a few mosquito bites to itch on the way back! IMG_8605

Naomi and Jason, the honeymoon couple from Manitoba even managed to have a perfectly calm day to canoe on Rock Lake.IMG_2858

We’ve also been down to Jackson Creek to see the new osprey nest. These are the same ospreys as last year, but they are rebuilding since their previous nest blew down during a storm. The nest has doubled in size since a week ago, and it is a fascinating sight to see the ospreys working on it. Hopefully, we’ll see the female begin to nest soon and once she lays eggs, we’ll have about five weeks to wait until the first fledglings appear.  We had a brief visit by an American Red Start, a 2-day stop on his migratory route – and the Common Golden Eyes are paired up and paddling Rock Lake.AmericanRedStart  IMG_2915

The deer family that claims the ‘Escape has home territory – and apparently undaunted by the loss of one of their members to the Grizzly – make a frequent appearance on the clearing and around the cabins.IMG_2973

Laura’s son Chris arrived on the weekend, chainsaw in hand, for the spring wood-run. In our single day of solidly good weather, Laura and Chris managed to fell enough standing dead to last us the entire summer. Talk about a full day’s work! The cabins are now heaped with logs, and Ben and Beth have their work cut out for them in wood splitting. The cabins will certainly be cosy in the rain!

So far, the Rock Lake Road going into Rock Lake is holding up – Jackson Creek hasn’t yet reclaimed the road and the Munn Creek bridge approaches are still intact.  This could change . . . Our 3-km trail is muddy and the “lake” half-way up the trail is a bit deep.  Just that time of year when we park small cars at the bottom until we dry out . . . by October?

Until next time . . . Happy Trails!


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  1. Hi Laura, it`s your red neck friend from Florida checking up on you. Sounds like you`ve got everything under control at the Escape! Wish I were there!! I enjoy reading all your posts because in my minds eye having been there I can see all those places. I hope Teresa and I get to come up and see you and Chris at least one more time.

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