In Like a Lion . . .

The first weekend in March was accompanied by a major winter storm across most of central and southern Alberta. According to The Weather Network, a strong low pressure system developed around Rocky Mountain House and sucked in the moisture-laden system from the West Coast that had been pummeling British Columbia with heavy rain. The moisture landed here as snow. A LOT OF SNOW! By the time it quit snowing Sunday evening, we had accumulated almost TWO FEET of new snow.


Ski trail to first campsite

Guests throughout February and the Storm Weekend have enjoyed cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in good snow conditions. Our Australian family built a ‘snow lump’ (hard to pack powder snow!) and treated the resident Snowshoe Hares to carrots meant to serve as a nose. The youngsters revelled in sliding down the hill on our pull sleds and crazy carpet (oops – TOO fast!). Mom and Dad must have worn their arms off pulling the kids behind while snowshoeing . . .




Cabin in winter.jpeg

Cabin after a snow dump


The Avalanche Chute

Had a rare treat while grooming trail on Friday – TWO Lynx were on my 3-km trail! Quickly turned off the machine to watch – one Lynx scampered off the trail immediately, but the other simply sat down in the middle of the trail to watch me. Of course I didn’t have a camera with me . . . I admired this gorgeous cat for only a few minutes before ‘responsibility‘ got the better of me and I fired up the machine to get going again.

Chris and our guests for the weekend arrived Friday before The Storm hit. And it snowed. On Saturday, our guests took off on snowshoe adventures after breakfast, while Chris and I went to cut a load of firewood. Pam and Heath took the crazy carpet (and Molly) up the Avalanche Chute – look for the video of Pam coming down! Karen and Bob, Nicole and Steven set off on the Side-Hill and Munn Creek trails. Leo elected to stay home (old dog that he is). And it snowed. Chris and I returned with a load of wood just in time to outfit Pam and Heath with x-country skis for their next adventure on a 7-km loop. Leo was keen to go with this time around and – never fear – he does know his way home! And it snowed . . .


Chris breaking trail

It was still snowing Sunday morning and our guests had opted for an earlier breakfast in order to tackle the roads home. Road reports were not good and our Sylvan Lake and Saskatchewan guests would appear to be keeping pace with The Storm, while our Grande Prairie couple would likely get clear north of Grande Cache. After pulling out the 4×4 pickup, buried in snow and down to the ice by the cook house, Chris took the lead to forge a path for our guests down my trail and onto the Rock Lake Road. There were many times when Chris had to stick his head out the truck window to see the road – his Ford F150 was plowing snow over the hood and his windshield wipers weren’t keeping up! Thankfully he had a tonneau cover (like those at, for anyone interested) to stop the snow filling up the bed!


Almost buried . . .

All made it safely out and safely home – thank goodness! The Rock Lake Road has now been plowed, as has my 3-km trail (Thanks Manitok!). We have great snow conditions at the moment, with warm temperatures during the day (-5 to 0 C) and brisk temperatures at night (-15 to -20 C).

Until next time . . . Happy Trails!


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