Hectic Holidays . . .

2012 come and gone, and the world didn’t end on the Winter Solstice.  I sat on my rocks overlooking Munn Creek and waited for it . . . rather disappointing, eh?

We’ve had a full house at the cabins over the Christmas/New Years holidays, with guests taking time to celebrate at a slower pace up here.

Katja made a birthday cake for Serge!

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing/bum-sliding and snow-fort-building have occupied our guests during our short daylight hours.   Spending quality time with one’s family and/or partner, away from other distractions, is what the holidays are all about up here . . . At least, that’s what I think!

The finished product

Are we having fun??

In addition to the continued presence of the Boreal Chickadees and Pine Grosbeaks, the Common Red Polls came in shortly before New Years.  Delightful little bird, focused on feeding, and not at all intimidated by the larger Grosbeaks and Gray Jays competing at the feeders.





  The elk have camped out on the clearing by the cookhouse again.  They found salt on Mark’s brand-new truck and were quite artistic with their tongue strokes.  Don’t think there was an inch of un-licked metal . . . At least they weren’t horses.  Horses lick first, then pretend the vehicle is a salt block and chew the paint off.  Elk have another endearing quality:  The Elk Bed.  The Elk Bed is a pawed-out depression in the snow, wherein an elk can snuggle up nice and toasty for a short sleep.  Upon rising, stretching and greeting the day, the elk will promptly urinate and defecate in said bed.  The bed is only used once.  By the elk.  The dogs, faithful Leo and Molly, will discover a recently vacated elk bed and luxuriate in saturating themselves with Eau du Elk.  I also discover Elk Beds . . .although have (so far) resisted the temptation the wear the perfume.  Instead, I drive that blankety-blank ski-doo smack into one.  At the bottom of a hill.  Did I mention that I have a hard time getting the machine to TURN??  Two hours later, after shoveling pee- and body heat-encrusted snow, rocking the machine back and forth, trying to move/slide/lift a 200-lb machine, I still can’t get any traction to climb out of The Elk Bed.  Ooookkkaaaaay.  We have 3 tow slings and 4 ratchet straps.  If that’s not enough “rope” to hook to the hitch on the pickup, parked on good snow at the cookhouse, I have a few bungee cords (they’d work, wouldn’t they?).  Such a relief to see the hood of the ski-doo cresting the top of the hill in the rearview mirror.  Nothing broke, and I didn’t even have to resort to using bungee cords!

Fresh snow before Christmas allowed me to groom and track-set fresh ski trail down to Rock Lake, along with setting 3 ski loops on the trails around the lake.  We haven’t had fresh snow since Christmas, although the trails are holding up well.

Until next time . . .Happy Trails!


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  1. End of the world? Well, maybe the part where the consciousness is changing, evolving, and becoming more compassionate in the world …..
    Eau d’Elk eh? Got a good chuckle with that story. Yes, snow is starting to call me again, I like those cool Rocky Mountain winters.
    Love your blog, keep up the good work, good sense of humor, and
    Happy New Year!

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