With gorgeous snow conditions and the premier power saw man (Chris) coming in for the weekend, it was time to tackle clearing the remainder of the “Side-Hill” trail and George’s horse trail down to connect to the Munn Creek Trail.  Chris’ girlfriend, Val, was burdened with homework and had to stay behind – keeping the fires going in the cook house and cabins.  Our repeat guests, Maegan and Anna, opted for much-needed “down time” from their demanding schedules.

There’s a trail here . . .somewhere

A cold start to the work on Saturday, but bundled up and hard physical labor soon warmed things up.  Chris and I cleared almost to the Munn Creek Trail by the time the sun dipped below the Berland Ridge on Saturday – and temperatures plummeted!  Time to call it a day . . .after dumping the toboggan (with his mother in it!) into the creek bed when the trail disappeared.  “Honest, Mom, I walked over that part of the trail and the snow held!”  Oops . . . To Chris’ credit, the ski-doo didn’t go into the washout (which would have been a REAL wreck) and simply jerked the toboggan – with me clinging desperately to the sides – out of the hole.

The Power Saw Man

Having a coffee

The temperature dropped to -20 C Saturday night, but started to warm up early Sunday morning – accompanied by wind.  Back on the trail, Chris and I got the connecting trails to Munn Creek at least passable.  I have quite a bit of nipper work (dang willows and buffalo berry bushes – the bane of my existence!) left to do before the new trail is good for skiing.  There is one rather steep hill where the Side-Hill trail meets George’s horse trail that may test the ability of the ski-doo to pull the groomer . . . and my ability as a ski-doo driver.  “Don’t be gutless, Mom!”

Thanks to Val for keeping the home fires burning for weary and cold trail hands.  And thanks to Anna and Maegan to slaughtering me at Dutch Blitz (again) and for teaching us some new games!

Until next time . . .Happy Trails!



  1. Thanks for sending us some of your snow here in Minnesota. We had a great dump of 14 inches of powder Saturday-Sunday. We haven’t got the wilderness trails of Rocky Mountain Escape, but we’ll enjoy getting on the skis now that we have good cover.
    Loved seeing the photos of you and Chris clearing the trails. Stay warm.

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