Rock Lake Trails Groomed and Track-set

With a couple of inches of new snow yesterday and mild temperatures today, I spent the day re-grooming and track-setting trails down at Rock Lake for cross-country skiing.  It’s 13 km from the cabins down to Rock Lake, with track set down my 3-km road as well as the next 10 km to the Lake.  The ski track is on the far right-hand side of the Rock Lake Road . . . surely (hopefully?) there will be no yahoos in quads or pickups who would deliberately run a tire track down the middle of my ski trail this time!

I am sorely tempted to put a BIG sign on the trail:   If you don’t have SKINNY STICKS on your feet – STAY OFF!!!


I’ve groomed and set the Green Mountain Loop – easy trail and gorgeous snow.  I also tried to set trail from the bridge over the Wild Hay River, along the Lake and back to the Green Mountain trail.  It can drift on this trail, and I was a little apprehensive setting it for the first time this season.  Things were going quite well, despite having to make an emergency detour through the willows at the first foot bridge . . .seems one of the drainages that this bridge goes over went a tad wild this year, and the bridge has been moved perpendicular to the trail!  Oops . . .  No worries – although I did walk through deep snow on the lake-side of the trail first, just to make sure the ice would hold the machine.  Well . . . the ice held me so I fired up the ski-doo again and gunned it (my son says “Don’t be gutless, Mom!“).  Throttle open, flying down the trail packing the snow to support the groomer, I round a curve through the trees and come face-to-face with a BIG poplar lying waist-level across the trail . . . OH RATS!!!   You’d think I might have thought to put the darn power saw in the ski-doo. . .  No way around, can’t squeeze under (I tried), so nothing left to do but turn the machine around and head back.  Turning the machine around on a narrow trail is an exercise in humility not to be undertaken by the faint of heart . . .


I’ve also re-set track to Windy Bay at the east end of Rock Lake – gorgeous view of the Lake and a nice place to have lunch if the wind is not screaming.  I haven’t bothered to re-set the trail going from the Equestrian Overflow into Doug Phillip’s trapper’s cabin . . . Will wait until the quads quit ripping up the trail – hopefully by Christmas.

The elk have returned to Rock Lake, after spending a few days this past week around the cabins and in the Munn Creek valley.  Wolf track on the Rock Lake Road, likely following the returning elk.

The Pine Grosbeaks and Boreal Chickadees are hanging around the cabins, delightful to watch (thanks to Glen Wood for snapping these photos!).

Repeat guests are coming in on Friday and, although the forecast is for cooler temperatures over the weekend, we should be able to get out for some great skiing and snowshoeing!  Not to mention ferocious games of Dutch Blitz . . .

Until next time . . .Happy Trails!


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  1. Wow, Laura, you do a lot of work for the skiers!! The snow looks awesome. I hope you and your guests have a great time taking advantage of the trails. Would you mind sending some of your snow this way. We still have bare ground in Minnesota.

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