Cross-country Skiing at Rock Lake

With guests due in for the weekend, and gorgeous powder snow to work with, I was able to get about 30 km of ski trail groomed and track-set.  Scott and Lauren from Grande Prairie (via the US) and Brian and Tasha from Calgary joined in on a beautiful ski down at Rock Lake . . .AND helped Laura get the pickup out of the ditch. . .


Unfortunately, and all my back-breaking work aside . . .little of the ski track remains intact after two quads were on the trails.  With more snow forecast for the next few days, I will once again try to set track for skiers in the Rock Lake area.  It is unlikely that I’ll attempt setting the Munn Creek Trail until the quads finish ripping up the snow.

Waiting for more snow

The Rock Lake Road was plowed on November 26 to my trailhead – thanks to Manitok for that!  The snowcat didn’t go into Rock Lake, so anyone venturing in there would need a 4×4 with some clearance.  There is a fairly good snowpack into the information qiosk . . .which is where I gave up and turned around with the pickup (and, yes, I’m the idiot that backed clean into the ditch!).

Until next time . . .Happy Trails!


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