First snowshoe of the season

With guests arriving on Friday for a weekend get-away, I made the trip into civilization on Thursday to pick up fresh supplies.  Lots of wildlife were out and about that day, including several grouse, a group of Mule Deer, a few White-tailed Deer and two Golden Eagles slumming with the ravens on a road kill.

Mule Deer

Ruffed Grouse

Martin trap

The temperature was exceptionally mild for the weekend, and Cheryl and Paul were keen to try a short snowshoe trek.  So, down to Rock Lake where the ‘shoeing would be relatively easy, and on to the flat terrain around the Equestrian Overflow, Jackson Creek and the trapper’s cabin.  The fellow trapping the line had been out recently, setting Martin traps, and it was easy walking on the trail packed by his quad.  The Elk had been in the meadows, and Leo and Molly were able to cover themselves in Eau du Elk left behind in their snow beds.  Several times we stopped to listen to “something” moving in the trees, snapping branches.  I assured my guests that the “something” really couldn’t be a bear (wrong time of year, even though an old boar will typically come through here in early winter, but does so very quietly) or a cougar (they are deathly quiet!).  Sure enough, back at the truck at the end of the snowshoe, we heard the female Elk calling.

Trapper’s cabin

Cheryl and Paul

Trying to imitate a Loon call at Rock Lake

A quick trip down to Moose Landing at the lake, we heard a lone call of a Loon . . .but were unsuccessful in our attempts to entice it to call back.  In the quiet, we heard another sound that I could not identify – sort of a soft whoop/moan/grunt kind of call – coming from the start of the Wild Hay River area.  Hmmm . . .Out of curiosity, I drove down to the bridge going into the Green Mountain Loop, and we found an immature Tundra Swan gracefully gliding along the river with its’ fellow travelers (ducks that I didn’t get the chance to identify).

Green Mountain Loop

We’re melting and had pouring rain late last night (Sunday, Nov. 4).  I am hopeful that the unseasonably warm temperatures forecast for this week will bare off the Rock Lake Road and the paths around the cabins.  We’re supposed to go COLD (-20 to -25 C) by the weekend . . .

Until next time . . .Happy Trails!


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