Oh man – do we have SNOW!!

The end of October brought a dump of snow!  Always appreciated and I do love snow . . .but, oh my achin’ back.

Low cloud still on the Munn Creek Valley

I’ve been shoveling and blowing snow for the past two days, along with trying to get a snow-track in for our 3-km trail.  The snow blower works just fine . . .until we get above -5C.  Then the blower just pushes snow, and it’s faster to shovel.

Clearing a path

Setting a snow track

The Snow Buntings and Pine Grosbeaks are back and delightful to watch (no, these aren’t my photos – courtesy Google Image Search).

Snow Bunting

Male Pine Grosbeak

It’s a town day tomorrow, with guests coming in on Friday.  Molly and Leo will hold down the fort.

The Rock Lake Road had not been plowed yesterday (Oct. 30), and there is little hope of the County getting out here until (maybe) spring.  Folks coming in to Rock Lake or Willmore Wilderness from the Rock Lake staging area will likely need a 4×4 to negotiate the road.

Until next time . . .Happy Trails!


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