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Our last volunteer, Becky, left for the season shortly after Thanksgiving.  Becky will continue her ‘Round the World’ journey, visiting a few more places in western Canada before meeting up with friends in the States.  Becky then says goodbye to North America, catching a flight to New Zealand and Australia for more adventures before returning to the UK sometime next summer.

Becky on the Hoff Ridge

Becky brought such a wealth of enthusiasm to the ‘Escape!  Easily sliding into the routine at the cabins, learning the trails, flora and fauna of our area, Becky’s untempered delight at discovering different wildflowers, mushrooms, scenic views and wildlife was contagious.  From guests, coworkers, camp dogs and cat, everyone loved having Becky here . . . especially the mosquitos (who, no doubt, have laid hundreds of thousands of eggs in Becky’s honor!).

Leo will miss Becky

So, to Becky and our other two wonderful volunteers Susan and Ellie – THANKS!!! for helping make the 2012 busy season such a success!




Until next time (and Laura may start to write in the first person again) . . .Happy Trails!


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