Susan’s Last Hike – The Berland

It’s the last trek out for Susan, and our guests chose an elevation that they all could do together – the Berland Ridge!

Susan and Becky set off with the group early Saturday morning in two vehicles, as Molly and Leo were keen to join in. We were still enjoying the beautiful Indian summer here at the ‘Escape so lots of extra water was packed.

As we arrived at our starting point, we noticed the trees are now a shimmery golden colour, contrasting with the orange and red flora below.  The mushrooms are a struggle to find and the only remaining flower is the fleabane. Our climb was steady up to the vertical meadow and from there, we could see every reflection in Rock Lake as it was so calm. We could still see the Golden Eagle flying above the lower tree line – she will probably start her migration south very soon!


The only disappointment thus far was the smoke in the distance over the Rocky Mountains. It was a very different view compared to the crisp background seen at other times. The distant mountains were so hazy we could barely see past the Rock Lake Valley, never mind Mount Robson which could clearly be seen a few days prior! We believe there are wildfires in either the Willmore to the north or in British Columbia.


While on the hike, we did not notice any new wildlife activity, other than that there was not much left of the cougar kill from earlier this year (Molly and Leo helping with this!). By the time we reached the ridge line, we noticed Rock Lake had become quite choppy; the breeze on top was lovely, though, and we all laid down in the sunshine after lunch. As always, even with the hazy scenery, the view was spectacular and our guests were really pleased with the elevation they had just achieved!

Now, most people think that going up is the hard bit; however, a couple of our guests actually found going down strenuous on their knee joints. A few members of the group were feeling the aches and pains of injuries recurring from when they were younger, so it was a team effort to get everyone back down to the cars in one piece.

On returning to Rocky Mountain Escape, Laura prescribed hot baths and a delightful dinner of stir fry chicken and prawns (shrimp to all Canadians!). As the evening came upon us, the sun started to set and the sky was lighted by crimson clouds.

A perfect end to Susan’s stay here in the mountains!

Becky and Susan

Until next time. . .Happy Trails!


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