Flat Walks at Rock Lake

Wild Hay River

It’s been a glorious week of dry sunny weather which has made up for the wet summer. The autumn leaves are starting to fall and the nights are getting cooler. There have been some wonderful changes in the scenery in the last two weeks. The viewpoint over the Rock Lake valley has changed from the lush green of summer to the oranges of fall. Before we know it, we’ll have our local contractors on-site clearing out the leaves to prevent the drainage system being blocked. They usually come with a few fancy leaf blowers to clear the site but for many years now we’ve been trying to get some leaf flowers in the park. We had been looking at the best leaf blowers and other sites but we just can’t make our mind up! Besides, this would need to be approved by the State Department.

As summer draws to an end, the volunteers start to realise that the end of their stay at Rocky Mountain Escape draws nearer. It’s been Susan’s last week; she’s due to leave on Wednesday and Becky is leaving in two more weeks.

The water is so calm in the fall

Although the weather has been great for elevation hikes, it’s not all that’s offered at Rocky Mountain Escape. The Rock Lake area has many flat walks that offer a chance to see wildlife and ever-changing flora. Susan showed our guest, Sharon, one of these areas and the two of them spent the time taking many photographs of the views from the trail.

A beautiful picture of the river

They walked from Lower Moose Landing around the lake and down the start of the Wild Hay River. It’s amazing how that gentle stroll took more than three hours, but both of them were keen photographers and were taking lots of pictures. It was a pleasant change for Susan from the grueling hikes of the last week or so.

Bald eagle resting before more fishing

They both witnessed the Bald Eagle sitting in a tree and were surprised at the numbers of Ravens that had gathered at the Windy Bay area. Later it was explained by Laura that a gathering that big was likely to have been because of carrion (fresh kill).

Susan photographed the Berland Ridge from the river as the fall colours have changed the ridge dramatically. The Aspen trees have turned a lovely golden colour and there were many more different colours from the ground plants.

After the beautiful walk around the Lake, Susan took Sharon to another favourite place, the viewpoint. The viewpoint has changed over the whole year and Susan has seen all the seasons bar winter. No wildlife were seen but we are getting ready to hear the bugling of the Elk, which should start as the weather gets colder.

Viewpoint in spring

Viewpoint in Summer

Viewpoint in Autumn

Until next time . . .Happy trails!


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    • Becky will be with us another couple of weeks (just in order to help out with the Winter Wood Gathering crew this weekend, and the full house for Turkey Day!). Susan will be missed, but hope to see her back in our neck of the woods soon!

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