Winter Wonderland…!

‘Down time’ was a week of typical Indian Summer: glorious sunshine during the day followed by freezing overnight temperatures, signalling the end of summer 2012.

Trees turning golden

In the wake of these cold nights, the deciduous trees around Rocky Mountain Escape are becoming a beautiful golden color, announcing the arrival of autumn. The official date of fall is another week or so away, but we know what Mother Nature thinks of our rigid timetable and she does what she pleases with the weather.

Our guests Emily and Ralph arrived yesterday in good spirits having avoided downpours of rain at Lake Louise, and were welcomed to a warm cabin, steak and a gathering round the camp fire. It was a clear night so we gazed up at the various star constellations and watched a few satellites go by! We were also lucky enough to see a shooting star through the Milky Way! ‘Quick! Make a wish!’

The white peaks near Rocky Mountain Escape

Rocky Mountain Escape had another surprise this morning waiting in the form of the first snowfall. In good fashion, the weather moved in within 30 minutes and dumped snow all around. Most of this has now melted leaving Laura, Becky and Susan with lots of mud to contend with! Yuk! However, from the Escape you can see that the mountain tops have been cold enough to keep their snow.

The Hoff Ridge

The robins that had gathered were getting a little excited to try and stay warm and were probably wishing they had headed southwards yesterday! There was also lots of activity from the grey jays and chickadees as they hunted for the insects that have vanished overnight. Laura checked the wild bird seed trays so there will at least be something for some of the birds.

Hiking the Berland Ridge was something that Laura, Susan and Becky were not looking forward to as they could see the snow and zero visibility above the treeline. Therefore, our guests had a morning of rest followed by a trip to the viewpoint and Rock Lake when the sun came out in the afternoon. From the viewpoint, Becky could see that the Jasper National Rocky Mountains now have white peaks.

Rocky Mountain Escape Footpath

Susan and Becky were especially pleased to see the snow, both being from the UK, and were used to the sudden downfall without any warning. Their weather reporters are just as good at predicting snow as they are here in Alberta. However, like all Brits, they get a bit giddy as the UK sees less and less snowfall each year. Becky would have liked to have made a snowman but it’s a little early in the year; maybe before the end of October snow will settle and she will get her wish.

More snow is due overnight so let’s see what tomorrow brings; we may be waking up in a winter wonderland.


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  1. The first snow of the year is always exciting. I can understand why a hike to the ridge would have to wait for another drier day. I would imagine the scree field at the top of the steep climb through the woods would be pretty slippery. The weather here in Minneapolis is just the opposite. Would you believe 94 F this afternoon. But your cooler weather is on the way. Temps will plummet tonight.
    Best to all.

    • Becky and I took Emily and Ralph up the Hoff Ridge yesterday and, YES, the scree slope was darn slippery! Ralph did the summit, braving freezing, gale-force winds across the cirque, then I took them all on the “Ridge Walk” down to the Rock Lake Road . . .Hope to get pictures up later today!

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