Hiking, Hiking . . . and MORE Hiking

As summer draws to a close, Laura has spent the last 8 of 10 days hiking.  Although a welcome relief from the “Cookie’s” job, Laura’s older legs were sometimes feeling a bit . . . well, OLD.

On the list were the Alpine Meadow, the Scenic Route to the Viewpoint (3 times), Rock Creek, the Hoff Ridge. the Berland Ridge and the Munn Creek Trail.  Scenes/impressions from these hikes follow:

The views . . .

Viewpoint overlooking Rock Lake

On the Berland Ridge

Breaking tree-line on the Hoff Ridge

On the Hoff Ridge – view north into Willmore

On the Hoff Ridge

The Munn Creek Trail

Our guests . . .

Monica, Pascal, Becky, Anton and Aaron (Laura, Molly and Leo)

Dave and Anton at tree-line on the Hoff

Dave and Monica on the Munn Creek Trail

and all the unexpected pleasures . . .

Golden Eagle

Mushroom “flowers”

The last Forget-Me-Not

Cauliflower fungus

Wild Cranberries

Today is a gray day, and it won’t be a big surprise to have snow on the peaks sometime over the next week.  With the nip of fall in the air, songbirds are leaving, wildflowers are in seed, mushrooms are slowly turning to . . .mush (although still hoping for Shaggy Manes to appear at the cabins!) and most berries are fading (cranberries still to sweeten).  The bears have gleaned most of the Buffalo Berries and the Grizzly will soon return to the alpine.

The mosquitoes are gone!  Or at least knocked back enough, either by the cooler temperatures or the super-human efforts of our resident BATS, to enable us to hike/enjoy a campfire/step outside without the pervasive aroma of DEET.

We’re taking a couple of days off in order to clean, re-stock, rest and re-group.  Until next time . . .Happy Trails!


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