Sunshine, rain and horses!

The past week has been turbulent, weather-wise. As we say in Alberta, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes! A mix of sunshine, rain and violent storms every day is not helpful when deciding on suitable hiking trails for our guests.

On Tuesday we attempted an early walk around Rock Lake with a young family, but we were soon turned back by a lightning storm that progressed for the rest of the afternoon and evening. This was not a disappointment however; as they preferred to have a lazy day after the busy time they had spent touring around the Rocky Mountains.

Wednesday was a similar day with Pam and Rebecca arriving in the afternoon. They were greeted by Laura, Molly and a very scared Leo (he still doesn’t like the thunder!). In the evening Laura cooked a lovely salmon in dill sauce, served with jacket (“jacket” meaning “baked” in UK English!) potatoes, asparagus and corn on the cob. If that wasn’t enough to settle in our guests, they also had a blueberry crumble, pecan pie and chocolate chip brownie to choose from for dessert! Delicious!

Pam getting comfortable

By Thursday morning the storm had cleared, the sun was shining and the skies were bright blue again; perfect for Pam and Rebecca’s half a day horse trek at the Old Entrance Ranch. They arrived back at the ranch with big smiles, commenting on how much they enjoyed their leisurely ride up the mountains and how stunning the views were! The horses were very well behaved also; there were no slips this time! It sounds like the perfect horse ride if you ask me. The horses must have eaten enough from their hay feeder before coming out, which could explain why they behaved so well. Not only that, but the feeder can ensure that their hay is safe enough for them to eat and free from other things that could hurt them, which is always a plus. Life is so much better with horses if they behave well, and I’m so glad that Pam and Rebecca had a good horse ride. I taught them a few things about horses and we even had a conversation about horse teeth floating! It seems very random but one of the horses at the ranch was having its teeth floated by the vet that day. For those wondering, he was completely fine during the procedure and he’s fully recovered now.

Off they go

After dinner on Thursday Laura took our guests to the viewpoint over Rock Lake to see if there may be any wild life. Usually elk or moose can be seen at this time. The last visit only resulted in hearing some elk walking through the trees and swamp so we were hopeful for a sighting on this occasion. However, it wasn’t to be; just us and the mosquitoes!

Hopefully we will have better luck next time! Happy Trails!

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