A wild night!

Tuesday started as a glorious day – perfect for mowing the lawn – until a deafening crack of thunder and a bolt of lightning seemingly overhead changed these plans at midday. This sudden change in weather sparked the beginning of several thunder storms that rolled over the ridges and above the cabins at Rocky Mountain Escape. There was not a drop of rain until about 5 minutes before our guests arrived (talk about timing). During our evening meal the downpour was so loud we had to either shout or wait until the rain had subsided enough for us to hear each other.

Once darkness settled in, the light display was captivating albeit slightly alarming. It rained intensely throughout the night, finally abating in the wee hours of the morning. As the new day dawned, the sun warmed the ground and the mist gradually lifted from the trees and valley floor.

Wednesday started very peacefully with the forecast of a dry day, so our guests took advantage of a relaxed outing at Rock Lake fly fishing and hiking.  The wind had picked up by the time we arrived at the lake, but our guests were willing to see how well they fared in the canoe. It was a testing paddle towards the west end of the lake where the fishing was presumed to be best, but after an hour or so of effort they were rewarded with the catch of a Lake Trout. In good sport it was released to mature and spawn.

Will the choppy waters stop them?

After lunch, with the breeze and current behind them, they speedily returned to Lower Moose Landing where we began our hike around Rock Lake and through to the elk meadows.

Common Pink Wintergreen

On our walk, three new blooms were visible: a ‘Common pink wintergreen’, a very small ground cover flower called ‘Twinflower’ and the tall purple ‘Tower Larkspur’ which is growing in abundance in the Elk meadows.

There is lots of evidence of bears stripping trees for the sap around the east side of the lake and all fresh this spring. We were pleased to see on the way back round the lake that the ‘Common goldeneye’ duck still has 4 ducklings that are thriving. She originally had 7 but lost some of them over the last few weeks.

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