In a word . . .it’s HOT

Several days now of +30 C temperatures up at the ‘Escape cabins.  Thank goodness we still cool down at night!Image

Some of our Mountain Goddess guests took advantage of the heat wave to canoe a calm Rock Lake, while others meandered through the Elk meadows amongst the wildflowers and butterflies (and listened to the poplar trees).

The mosquitoes have been vicious and the horse flies have joined the feeding frenzy.  Bring bug repellant.

Smoke from the Zama wildfire continues to make our skies hazy.  Hopefully, the rain forecast for mid-week will help.


In a word . . .it’s HOT — 2 Comments

  1. On behalf of the “Mountain Goddesses”, Laura, we would again like to thank you for your hospitality. We loved our week at Rocky Mountain Escape – the hiking, canoeing, (maybe not the mosquitoes), and being spoiled with the wonderful home cooking. Indeed, a bit of heaven on earth!! L

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