Just back from a fantastic hike from the ‘Escape cabins to the Hoff Ridge.  We’re having a bit of a heat wave (30 to 35 C during mid-day), so we made an 8:30 start.  So very nice and cool to the base of the mountain, and not terribly hot making the climb (it’s STEEP) to tree line.  The mosquitoes are out in force, not allowing much time to catch your breath during the slog up the mountain.  We were grateful for the breeze coming up-slope to keep the bugs at bay while we devoured our lunches . . .and rested our eyes on the spectacular beauty of the mountains.

Alpine wildflowers cover the open slopes – Showy Locoweed, Moss Campion, Forget-Me-Not, Arnica, Mountain Avens.  And butterflies galore!

Picas squeeked and marmots whistled their warnings; beautiful melodies of songbirds kept us company in the forest, and a Horned Lark (maybe) was up on the lunch spot.  There was no sign of the Peregrin Falcon or Bald Eagles that will typically hunt up there and, although Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Goat have left evidence of their passing, we didn’t spot any.  A big surprise was moose droppings on the trail and above tree-line.  One just has to ask “WHY?”.

Back at the cabins, guests are enjoying a hot soak in our mineral water to ease tired muscles and sore joints (some of us are a bit older!).  One guest summed it up:  “This was a memory-making day!”



  1. One reply to the WHY question regarding Moose travels, is that that is what they do so well, TRAVEL! And when they do this, they naturally have to cross mountains, so they do. Well I remember a plane ride one October into the Willmore, and seeing a lone moose in the deep snow, climbing and crossing the high Rocky Mountains. Bears travel as well, and, like humans, sometimes just go over the top rather than following the slow and winding trails found at the base of the mountains.

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