Spring Sunshine

It’s stopped raining at the Escape (hooray!) and yesterday we took the chance to enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather. The ground has dried out a bit and for the first time this year we took a hike up to the Alpine Meadow.

We saw a few traces of wildlife on the way up there, although nothing of the black bear we spotted last week, who we assume has moved on to bigger and better things.

As we entered the meadow we were surrounded by spring activity galore; lush green grass carpeted the slope, butterflies were fluttering by the dozen and the view was clear and fully appreciated









An encouraging array of wild flowers and plants have also started making an appearance up there; the Anemone’s are still out and Lung Wort, Wood Violet, Yellow Potentilla, Meadow Rue and Forget-Me-Not’s are slowly spreading out across the hillside. Along the trail towards the cabin the Columbine’s are budding and we were lucky to catch a glimpse of an eagle above the Hoff Ridge this morning.



More good news: the flooding over the Rock Lake Road has shrunk and, even though the rivers are still using it as a thoroughfare, we managed to get through in the pick-up today. The water’s still about a foot deep in places and visibility isn’t great so we wouldn’t recommend driving a regular car, but it’s worth the effort if you can get through.

The floods have had quite an effect on some of the trails, the force of the water has uprooted some trees and large holes have been left in the track.








Despite the damage, nature has persevered. The Yellow Dryas are freckling the creekside, Elephant’s Head Fern is growing, although not yet in bloom, we saw, and tasted, the Bog Violet and we spotted what we think is a Pale Coralroot (although feel free to correct us if we’re wrong)

Whilst the area has been inaccessible to people, it looks like the bears haven’t had any problems getting down there this spring and one tree has provided some much needed nutrients.






We were really pleased to see the Osprey nest still intact and in use. We think that the chicks have hatched and we got to see Mr Osprey providing food to the nest.


We were also lucky enough to spot a pair of Common Goldeneye ducks and some little ducklings.

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