The Impassible Road

Despite the summer solstice coming up in the last two days, our weather pattern seems to be firmly stuck in ‘Spring time in the Rockies.’ We have been, and continue to be, wet and cool!

A few hardy souls attempted to venture to Rock Lake over the weekend, only to find the road impassable and the popular camping and staging areas closed.

It is a pity that Alberta Parks neglected to post the closure at the highway 40 turn-off or to post on their website until June 14th, which was about a week after the park road was closed! Alberta Parks states that the road issue will ‘hopefully be repaired the week of June 18th’. No sign of anyone working down there today and no further updates on their website.

On the bright side, we have had short periods of ‘no rain’ and some brief glimpses of the sun, it’s assuring that it’s still there!








Intrepid hikers that we, and our fantastic guests are, we geared up in full rain regalia (sometimes in rubber boots!) and loaded our backpacks with a hearty  trail lunch to embark on some ‘dryer’ trails (it’s all relative).

Forget-me-nots, Scorpion weed, Vetch’s and Potentilla are bravely opening on

the southwest-facing slope of the Berland Ridge.

A Golden eagle also hunts these slopes when the sun pokes through and a myriad of migratory songbirds give voice to their pleasure. Grizzly, cougar and wolf have been active on the Berland ridge, and we’ve seen grizzly track and a young moose on the Munn Creek trail.

The rain appears to be with us for a while longer, but perhaps it is premature building an ark?


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