Rock Lake Road Closed

We promised you some more spring pictures and, even though it’s been raining, we wanted to share some of the current sights around the Escape with you. Last weekend, a curious group of us took a walk down Munn Creek to see the effect that the rain and snow melt has been having on the water levels.

Needless to say the creek was high and moving fast and where we were once able to walk along the creek bed, we couldn’t even see the bottom. In just a week the current had started eroding some of the banks and in one section all the trees had fallen into the river.

As you can see from yesterdays picture, David kindly offered to demonstrate how high the water had risen to in the downpour. Now, he’s also a keen fisherman and is prone to exaggerating about the size of fish, so I think it’s fair to take this with a little pinch of salt.

Yesterday, the rain slowed so we headed out for a hike near Rock Lake. We found that the road was closed and when we went to investigate we were greeted by the Jackson Creek and Wild Hay River flooding the banks and making the road impassable. We parked up and attempted to cross by foot, but despite our determination, when you’re thigh high in water, you know it’s time to throw in the towel.

We had the same problem with this section of the road last year, which is frustrating because in it’s current state it’s impossible to reach and enjoy Rock Lake. The road desperately needs maintenance work so the more people contact Parks and ask them to prioritize this, the better.

For anyone heading out this way soon, we’ll keep you posted on the road closure.

Love from Rocky Mountain Escape

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