Two’s Company

Laura’s friend David  has been helping out at the Escape for the last few weeks and he’s been working like, well, a workhorse, trimming back some of the trails around the cabins.

Yesterday he headed out with just a chainsaw, his backpack and a bottle of deet for company to try and make a dent in the shrubbery taking up residence across one of our favourite trails.

Not long after, he returned a little breathless and slightly wild eyed. When we asked him why he was back so soon, he simply said:

‘It turns out I forgot something. An important rule. When you’re out in the bush and you put your backpack down, don’t forget to take your bear banger out and clip it to your clothes. Otherwise if you see a bear, you won’t be able to set it off. Shame I forgot that, because it just happened’

The wild-eyes and breathlessness made sense

Luckily the large black bear that he’d seen ‘woofing’ his way across the trail had other things on his mind so David was able to calmly back away down the trail, but it’s a gentle reminder that we share the wilderness with all breeds and creeds, and although it provides us with so many amazing opportunities to see animals in their natural habitat, it’s important to be alert and take precautions.

We don’t usually have resident bears around here so we’re expecting this fella to move on in the next few days, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for signs of his whereabouts.

We’ll keep you posted.

Love from

Rocky Mountain Escape

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